The CCOHC is one of many grassroots organizations around the U.S. formed to fight for community betterment.

We are a diverse group of people brought together by our desire to protect our neighborhoods from pollution or decay due to inattention of our public officials. No individual should have to stand alone when the quality of life in his or her neighborhood is threatened.

We stand together against whatever entities that would negatively impact our quality of life and the health of our families and future generations.

The CCOHC supports transparency in government at all levels and looks to the public to identify areas that have had a less than adequate public hearing or an opportunity for residents to vote on issues having dramatic impact to county residents.

This site is an opportunity for Humboldt County residents to voice opinions, suggest solutions, and ask questions and comment on posted items/issues.

We invite you to become an active participant in your community and remind everyone that the elected officials work for the citizenry and have an obligation to represent the majority of constituents within their areas of representation.

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