About Us

Many have asked about the header we use on this site and whether there is any significance to the images.
There is significance in the header: the image on the left is the Chamber of Commerce building – intended to be a magnet to trade and tourism. The center image is Winnemucca Mountain – with shadows of Sarah Winnemucca and Chief Winnemucca (if you look closely). The image on the right is the County Courthouse, of course.

The Concerned Citizens of Humboldt County (CCOHC) is an organization with roots going back to the start of the public debate concerning the Proposed Jungo Road Landfill project. It was formed by Area residents to address a lack of understanding about positions held by locally elected officials; the catalyst was the landfill project.

After getting involved in the aforementioned project it became apparent that many Humboldt County residents were unaware of the positions held by elected officials on many other issues of concern to them.

The CCOHC felt a responsibility to help develop a more transparent environment with respect to the positions and philosophies of our elected officials and those seeking public office.


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