This page is for the specific purpose of discussion on any topic of interest to the citizens of Humboldt County, NV.

The Opinions, Comments, Discussions, Videos, Pictures, all postings should not be construed as representing the views or opinions of the Concerned Citizens of Humboldt County (CCOHC); but are the sole view of the individual posting the material.  Comments on this site have not been Fact-Checked.  Readers are encouraged to check for facts in formulating their opinions.  Please remember the Facts are the Facts!

The Winnemucca Futures Project:
The “Scenario Planning Workshop” phase of the Winnemucca Futures took place on Wednesday June 2, and Thursday June 3, at the Convention Center in Winnemucca.

Eighty two people representing the social, environmental, financial, cultural, human, political, and built capitals of the area met to discuss the issues currently impacting the community and to contemplate the forces that are likely to impact the region in the future.

lawsuit against Humboldt County and the Humboldt County Board of Commissioners:
Jungo Land and Investments, Inc. filed suit against Humboldt County and the Humboldt County Commissioners. The commissioners are being sued in their official and individual capacities.
Jungo is seeking judicial review of the actions taken by the commissioners, is seeking damages and financial compensation that stem from said actions, and is further asking the court to reinstate the decision made by the Regional Planning Commission to grant the company a five-year extension on the conditional use permit (CUP) necessary for Jungo to move forward with the development of a class 1 landfill on Jungo Rd. As to the damages, no exact dollar figure was given except to note it will be in excess of $10,000 and may include attorney fees and costs of bringing the suit.
Jungo Land and Investments, Inc. is a sole subsidiary of Recology, a Bay Area waste management company, obtained the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in 2007 to construct and operate a square mile landfill 25 miles west of our town on a desert playa. They propose importing by train eight million pounds of non-recyclable garbage a day, five days a week for 95 years, and burying it in a hole in the ground thirty-five feet above the groundwater in an area known for high winds, flooding, and poor soils. At that time they were given three years to obtain the necessary permits and begin construction.

Is it time for a Hospital “physical plant” expansion?
Over the past 10 years, the hospital has had less to do with physical construction and more to do with technological expansion. Humboldt General has added new MRI, C-Scan and Ultrasound machines as well as a new $2 million computer system which will integrate all hospital systems under one network.


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