Concerned Voters post results of statewide survey

A survey of general as well as specific questions was mailed to elected and perspective officials in Humboldt County and the rest of the state.
Results of the survey will be posted as they are tabulated.

Events have changed since these questionnaires were sent out. Lawsuits and appeals have been filed as a result of actions involving this proposal, and it is understandable why some officials declined to respond. We have listed those as “no response” in a survey results table. It will be up to the voter to judge whether the respondents’ none response is reasonable or not. To be fair and transparent in this effort we have also included any written responses to the survey at the end of the tabulated results.
You can view the Humboldt County results by Clicking Here
You can view the Pershing County results by Clicking Here
You can view the Lander County results by Clicking Here
You can view the statewide results by Clicking Here
If there are people in our community who are interested in this or other issues and who would like to see their concerns addressed, we invite you to contact us through This website.
We are a loose coalition of area residents and organizations striving to serve as a clearing house for thoughts, ideas, and concerns for matters of importance to the county and its citizens. The general election is just around the corner and your voice is important. Participate. Vote. It’s your community. You can make a difference.


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