The Future

Humboldt Regional Master Plan
Have you ever wondered if there is a plan for the future of Humboldt County? The Humboldt Regional Master Plan is established to promote the general health, safety, welfare, convenience and prosperity of the region and its residents. It provides guidance for decisions by staff, committees, Regional Planning Commission, City Council, Board of County Commissioners, and the community at large regarding future land use and community and economic development in Humboldt County and the City of Winnemucca. The plan strives to protect existing quality-of-life attributes as well as the natural environment. The plan also seeks to ensure appropriate and effective expenditure of public funds. It is a lengthy document (111 pages) but worth the read.
Click here to retrieve the document.

The Winnemucca Futures Project:
The Humboldt Development Authority (HDA) has partnered with Recology and other local organizations to initiate a county‐wide planning and engagement process to explore the future scenarios for the local area. The process will gather community input into a shared plan for local economic development and will identify key actions. HDA has contracted Innovative Leadership USA, Inc to assist with the design and implementation of this project. This company has extensive experience in regional and community planning efforts across North America and in rural settings.
To get detailed information of the project and the folks involved go to:

You’re invited – The Winnemucca Futures Project is having Two More Community Showcase Events – Click Here for event information
Visit the Winnemucca Futures Presentation on YouTube be sure to watch them in order.
Winnemucca Futures Project #1
Winnemucca Futures Project #2
Winnemucca Futures Project #3
After viewing the videos take a short survey – get involved.
If you would like to participate now, you can watch these video’s and then fill out the survey below. The videos will take about 15 minutes and the survey 5 to 15 minutes depending on your desire to make ‘comments’. Half of an hour is not too much time to donate to the future of your community, is it?
Winnemucca Futures Project survey


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